Yesterday I watched this movie on Netflix and I really enjoyed it. I found it so interesting to see a film about pregnancy because Hollywood films are usually about love but not as often about different couples that want to have children.

It’s a funny movie where we can see different kinds of pregnancies in a kind way.

There is a sport guru who is pregnant and wants to do it all alright while she still works in the tv program she is doing and deciding all by her own before the kid is born. So it represents the strong woman who wants to do all by herself and actually can do it, but has a man who is perfect for her by her side.

We have the expert in pregnancy that actually has the worst pregnancy of all but decides to be honest and wins a lot of fans. It’s so interesting because I’ve read more about that in some books how some woman that worked with that end up having more problems and having a cesarean because sometimes our bodies work like that.

There is also a young woman married with the father of the husband of the expert who has no problem at all having twins, she’s doing sport, walking without problems and have the twins without any kind of problem.

We also see an adoption which is a story really beautiful because infertility it’s a reality a lot of people have to face, and a couple that lose their children.

I highly recommend it to you (if you want to have children) or if you want to see a comedy that it’s not about the moment the couple meet each other. If you want to watch it click the image below and start now 🙂


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