Today I want to make a recommendation to all of you who are interested in White Awakening. Rha Goddess is one of my favorite authors and I highly recommend it to you. I’m going to post the link of a free webinar she’s doing, the link of her book “The Calling” and the link to some of her courses in case you feel called to explore more. I hope this helps you as much as she has helped me.

Free Webinar

We’d love to invite you to the White Awakening webinar.

This webinar is designed to help people who are curious, interested or passionate about a more just and sustainable world:
1) Understand where they are along the spectrum of awakening and awareness when it comes to race, white privilege, and the work of racial justice and equity.  
2) Obtain a top-line overview of what the actual work is to move from one Archetype to another
3) to make empowered and informed decisions about their next steps in the journey towards rehumanization.


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