Today I want to talk about how your phone can be your best friend if you have the apps that will help you at any moment.

Having meditation apps in your phone can be really useful because you can use them in the bathroom, train, sleeping in a hotel, in the airplane…

He puesto en cursiva las apps que tienen versión en español

These are some of the apps that I use and that I love the most:

  • The Tapping Solution: it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made, you have some free tappings (all the ones related to coronavirus) and a Premium subscription that it’s 99€ per year. You can do a tapping about any topic you want at any time and see your energy transform in ten minutes.
  • The movement by Erin Stutland: she has meditation, soul stroll and workouts with affirmations. I love it because you can do sport while you attract different things by repeating mantras, do a meditation after doing the workout related to the mantras you have been working, or go for a walk (or run) with the Soul Strolls. I think you need to pay for the subscription but it’s not expensive compared with all the content it has.
  • Calm: I have seen it for a while but when I bought the subcription I just loved it. It has mindfulness meditations, meditations for different topics, and sleep stories. I love the stories to sleep, they are so relaxing and it’s so much better than falling sleep with the tv (it has sleep stories for kids which can be really useful for children who have insomnia or are afraid in the night). Esta aplicación también tiene una versión en español así que para la gente que no habla inglés esta puede ser una buena opción.
  • Gaia: it’s more like a Netflix for spirituality, because it has movies, documentaries, kundalini yoga, yoga, pilates… But you have the phone version which is really useful to watch spiritual content or meditate. It has more than 8.000 videos so you have a lot to chose. También tiene una versión en castellano con videos de yoga, meditaciones y algunos documentales o películas tienen subtítulos.
  • Balance: you can practice mindfulness meditation in a personalized program based on what you want to improve and your level. It has a lot of programs with different topics including relationships, stress… or a single program. You have to pay for the subscription (76,00€ per year) but it’s really good.
  • Synctuition: This app will open your intuition and bring you to the next level. You’ll be opening different meditation while you open your intuition, each next meditation will be open 12 hours after you’ve opened the last one so the more you practice the more you’ll have to choose. It uses a 3D sounds and brings you to different places to make your imagination work. Si sabes un poco de inglés es una buena opción porque lo realmente importante son los sonidos que utiliza para que tu intuición empiece a trabajar.
  • Hay House Unlimited: in this app you have a lot of books to listen, meditations and courses. You have to pay for the content but it’s really worth it because there are a lot of audiobooks that you can listen wherever your are.

I hope this can help 🙂


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